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Vehicle Tracking System

Best Vehicle tracking system in Qatar to monitor and track your vehicles anywhere at any time.

We provide excellent vehicle-tracking solutions

Indus innovative features come to life with industry-leading vehicle tracking systems in Qatar that offer an extensive range of GPS Tracking solutions and other solutions required by transportation companies and other organizations as well to make sure their drivers follow the set route. The Indus vehicle tracking system is successfully used by many popular companies in Qatar. We offer not only vehicle tracking systems, but also sell licenses for our products and technologies. We help our clients to improve their employee drives and promote safety.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems:

  • Improved driver behavior by constant monitoring
  • Immediate response to customer query                           
  • It has real-time traffic data and avoid traffic jams
  • Excellent routing and dispatching
  • Reduce fuel expenses
  • Web-based facility and accessibility
  • Accurate reports
  • Instant alerts and notifications
  • Enhanced safety and security


Features of Vehicle Tracking Systems

Fuel Management

Read and control vehicle fuel from external fuel sensors.

Temperature Monitoring

It has a feature that is 24*7 monitoring temperature.

In-vehicle RFID

Manage drivers with automatic attendance systems.

User-friendly Interface

Our Applications are designed with easy-to-use access, navigation friendly, and have a powerful GUI

Real-time Live Tracking

Our Vehicle Tracking System is equipped with the latest GPS technology that provides real-time data.

Events & Alerts

Our Vehicle Tracking System is fully equipped with dispatch alerts in case of any unexpected events occurring while on a trip, whether it be software, hardware, or vehicle-based issues.

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