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Remote Generator Tracking


In today’s world all the parents are much concerned about the safety of their children while they are being sent to the school. The GPS enabled school bus tracking system stands as a great solution in safeguarding the children reducing the stress to the parents and school organisations. The integration of this system into the school bus does more than what people expect out of it. The smart bus system helps the institutions to earn the pride in efficient management of their children’s safety. The GPS system helps the drivers to be enriched as they stand as the ultimate persons in ensuring the safety of the school children boarding into the bus. The system alerts the parents during the every movement of the bus irrespective of their locations. Not only through mobile apps, the system has also provides service through SMS based system that benefits all the parents.

In the gulf countries like Qatar, Doha the parents are very much concerned about the safety of their children.  The conservative system thinks logically on this problem and grants this GPS system as the best way to ensure the safety of their nation’s children. The continuous monitoring system monitors the fleet all the time and reports its activities to the concerned school authorities. The system gives the notifications when any illegal activities are carried on with the smart bus. The pickup and drop details of the children are alerted to the parents so that they get the acknowledgment of their children even if they are not in home.

The system incorporates the RFID system along with the GPS so that it gives out all the information associated with the fleet maintenance. The reader in the RFID system helps to read the details like the unique identification number of the children along with some of their personal details in order to send the reports to the central host system. The regulatory system does this process as soon as the children boards into the school bus to keep the active notification till they are dropped again at their destination.

Benefits of school bus tracking system

The GPS enabled school bus system gives more benefits to organization and parents in enhancing the student’s safety in number of ways.

  • Increases the safety of their school children thereby increasing the productivity of the fleet so that the organisation gets more benefits adding their name in good books of the society.
  • Track and monitor the location of the children from any place.
  • The parents receive notification about the arrival and departure time of the bus instantly.
  • Notifies parents that their children is picked up and dropped at correct place.
  • It sends the notification alert to the parents and organisation if the students gets down at the wrong destination and also if they board into the wrong bus.
  • The system manages the smart bus efficiently so that the cost of maintenance can be decreased.
  • Monitors and the automatic reports help them to improve the service provided.
  • The system obeys the rules and regulations of the government on the children’s safety.
  • The system gives pride to the organisation for their whole hearted support in ensuring students safety.
  • The system helps drivers to be aware about the fleet functioning.
  • The driver gets the alert messages if they go into wrong route that is deviated from scheduled place.
  • The RFID tag attached to the students ID cards are provided with the unique number helping the drivers to pick up the correct children.
  • The manual report generation can be avoided since it sends real time reports at regular time intervals.

Features of Remote Generator Monitoring


The system provides the clear visibility on the safety of the children to the parents as well as the school organization. This real time visible method helps them a lot in monitoring the children ensuring their safety.


The system is web based which is customised in such a way that all the reports are sent to the centric host system. The designing of this system is configured in such a way that it alerts the users for all the critical situations.


As this system is configured in GPS mapping system it schedules for the shortest routes possible for effective bus management. This scheduling saves the time and fuel promoting the name of the institution to the next higher level.


The GPS enabled tracking system updates the planning in route during emergency situations so that the drivers can plan accordingly. In case if there are any emergency situations on road it notifies the school organisation to contact the drivers so that they get the help to change the route logically.


The GPS enabled tracking system is flexible to the user requests. The system provides a unique passwords to the parents through which they can log on and analyze the location of the bus.


The encapsulation of RFID system into the students collects all the details so that the GPS automatically identifies them once they are boarded into the bus. This automatic system is helpful to track the students from any location.


Instead of worrying about the bus maintenance the incorporation of this system would be a great solution at reduced cost. The system gives all the details related to the vehicle simply by fixing this GPS device.


As this system acknowledges the driver during every critical situation it helps them to think logically about what should be done.

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